Top Innovative, User Friendly & Advanced Accounting Software

StraightBook is a Web Based Accounting (Business Management) Software Used by More Than 1500+ Businesses Worldwide Currently.
It is The Only Accounting Software Based in Africa That Has Attracted Users From Western Countries Due To Crucial, Simple & Logical Reasons Which Are:
  Incredibly User Friendly!
 Highly Customizable!
 Extremely Affordable!
 Very Advanced!
 Rich Reporting

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StraightBook is Amazingly Powerful To Streamline All Your Business


StraightBook is Very Advanced That It Can Generate 300+ Reports Ready For You To Take Decisions. It's Arguably Top Online Accounting Software By Reporting


With StraightBook You Can Manage Unlimited Stock, You Can Get All Information Such us Stock Level, Items Out Of Stock, Items Expired, Advanced Stock List, Price List , Bar Code Capability


You May Customize StraightBook The Way You Like. You Just Select Features You Need & Disable Unnecessary Features. No Any Accounting Software Customizable Than StraightBook, Beleive It or Not, Just Give a Try You Will Confirm.

Things You Didn't Know About StraightBook

Here Are The Facts That May Surprise You About StraightBook

StraightBook Was Developed By a Single African Programmer From 2012 To 2017

Little Surprised? Yes StraightBook was Developed By a Tanzanian Based Software Engineer Mr. Bukhary Kibonajoro (B.Sc in Computer Science, University of Dar es Salaam). He Started Developing it After Completing His Computer Science Degree in 2012 and Up to This Moment He is the Technical Lead Among a Group Of Talented Software Engineers Of This Amazing Accounting Software at The Company.

StraightBook is the Only Accounting Software Based in Africa To Inspire Westerners

StraightBook is Currently Used Throughout The World. It Have Users in United States, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Malaysia, Italy etc. Its User Base is More Than 1500+ Now & It's Increasingly Used By Many African Businesses

StraightBook is The Most Advanced Online Accounting Software

It's Hard To Believe it But That is The Truth. The Developer Of StraightBook Mr. Bukhary Kibonajoro Created Trial Account in Each Of Big Names Accounting Software Including QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks, ClearBooks, Wave Accounting, Intacct, Move2Cloud, Big4Books etc For Only One Reason:- To Test Their Functionality So That He Can Know Their Weakness & Incorporate The Advanced Features To StraightBook. This Resulted in More Advanced Online Accounting Software With Full Of Features as Compared To Desktop Accounting Software

StraightBook is The Most Highly Customizable Of Accounting Software

It's Pretty Much True. With StraightBook You Can Choose or Deny Any Feature According To How You Need Your System To Be. You Can Set Access To System Users For All Features Available Through The System and Deny a User Access To a Certain Part That You Don't Want Him/Her To Access. We Are Not Saying That Other Accounting Apps are Not Customizable, But The Truth is You Can Customize Very Few Features In Other Software As Compared To StraightBook.